We haven't posted a favorite sign for a while, but this sign in Kumasi was calling to us.

Yes. That's David Beckham. International football/soccer star. And, apparently he gets his hair cut at Technokrats in Kumasi. Not that we blame him. The cost of the cut was only 50 peswa, or the equivalent of $0.30.

9/19/2011 12:30:34 am

Hey Carole!

That is too funny. When I was in Jamaica at the beginning of 2010 with a group from my school, our tour-guide on a Black River boat tour took us to a tiny bar hut off the river. All they sold were Heineken, Red Stripe, and Guinness, but we were all thankful for the stop. The bar tender proudly told our group that Victoria Beckham had been there. Maybe they do a lot of traveling? Or they're just good celebrity names to drop.

9/19/2011 03:30:44 am

That's awesome! I think, in this case, it's popularbo have famous people's faces on your signs. Obama, for example, is on TONS of signs that I'm 99% sure he hasn't been to. There's even "Obama Cell Phone Enterprises" on the way out of Accra!

Loving your new blog, btw!


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