"The Hog Shop: Shop for Unique Ladies"
There are some signs in Accra that are just too amazing not to pass on. One that always makes Carole laugh is "The Hog Shop" in our neighborhood, Osu. Others include: "I Crap for Jesus Chop Bar," "Pussy in Booth (a play on Puss in Boots?") and "Hilarious Services: Photocopying, Printing, Phone."

Maybe "favorite sign of the week" will be a constant update. We'll keep you posted. For now, the Hog Shop wins (best part: their clothes are actually really really cute--Carole is planning a shopping trip!).
6/27/2011 01:12:46 am

Yeah! Sounds like things are moving along and I personally would LOVE a sign of the week update. This one is pretty priceless for sure. Apparently the word Hog has some other context?!? LOL Miss you and glad to hear housing is getting sorted out. Send an address when you are ready to receive some CO care packages. :)


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