Some people ask what I do during the day since we've moved to Accra. While this is not all-encompassing (I have to get the cooking and cleaning done some time!), it is a glimpse into my fun-employment in a new country.

If you hadn't assumed it already, Ghana has a delicious assortment of tropical fruits. One of my favorites is pineapple. Grown locally, and almost always in season, they're small, sweet and succulent.
Pineapple from our local fruit lady.
Pineapple, meet vodka. 

Our favorite brand, Soft Tail Vodka, hails from right outside Seattle. Made out of Washington state apples, the vodka has a smooth vanilla flavor and is the perfect base for fruit cocktails (yes, we considered this vodka a "necessity" and brought it over with us!).
Soft Tail Vodka, our favorite small batch.
But I'm not making a fruit cocktail just yet (it is 10:30am, after all). No, today's experiment is to make pineapple-infused vodka (with a hint of Washington state apples, of course).

So, first infusion with local tropical fruit commences. Here we go:
Step 1: Cut up ripe pineapple (steal slice of pineapple first to ensure ripeness and a happy mouth).
Step 2: Place slices in sealable container.
Step 3: Pour vodka over pineapple slices.
Seattle meets Ghana, and we hope they'll be friends.
Step 4: Seal container.
Step 5: Place in dark location for 10 days. 
Making magic happen? Fresh pineapple soaking in apple vodka.
Step 6: Enjoy?
We'll post the results in 10 days. On August 3rd, there will be a pineapple-infused vodka taste test at our house. All are invited.

7/25/2011 05:54:45 am

Wait, wait, wait... August THIRD? There WILL be some left over still on August SIXTH, right?!

7/26/2011 05:08:41 am

Depends how well it turns out. :)

7/29/2011 11:41:42 pm

Can't wait to have a sip of that. Would there any available till the 7th? I arrive in Accra on 6th Aug; 23:00GMT.

7/30/2011 07:00:33 pm

If Tim and I haven't consumed it, and then my sister, upon arrival, doesn't finish it, the rest is yours, MJ!

10/26/2013 09:01:31 am

I love this blog layout, which template is it?


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