Last week, on Wednesday night, Carole and Tim were robbed.

Having just woken up Thursday morning, Carole passed by the guest bedroom and noticed the window open. This seemed quite unusual, since the window screens were always shut. Upon further inspection, muddy prints were found in the room, and they let out into the living room.

After a few seconds of taking in the discovery, Tim said, "I think we have a rabid animal in our house." Could it be... a raccoon? A badger? What animal managed to climb up the side of the building to our second story apartment in Ghana?

We panicked, wondering if we would get rabies whenever this fearsome creature would decide to show it’s ugly head.

Then, Tim noticed something. Carole’s laptop wasn’t on its power cord, where it had been left the night before. Other items were missing, too.

This “rabid animal” was indeed an animal, but of the human variety.

We had been robbed.

... in other news, today is our four month anniversary in Ghana. And our five month wedding anniversary.

Happy Saturday, readers.
10/2/2011 11:43:58 am

Holy shit. I am so sorry you guys. Was there a fire escape outside the window? How the hell did they get up there? And how did they know to target your apartment from the street?

10/5/2011 06:37:01 am

Well, that is just a giant bummer. I imagine that is a major problem to solve from there. Hope you can get your replacement somewhat soon and that your data was somewhere you can restore from. I hate it when people have trouble remembering not to take things THAT AREN'T THEIRS!!! Hugs and stay safe. Happy anniversary. :) I was just showing your wedding pics to a new friend the other day. :)

10/4/2012 05:24:30 pm

How old is this post?


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