While we are house sitting in an apartment with a big screen TV, a Blu-Ray player and an Xbox, we wanted to make sure we didn’t turn to these distractions every night as a lazy escape.

So we created Puzzle Night.

Every Monday night we get takeout dinner (making food here is too intensive and consumes a good portion of after-work time) and start work on our puzzle.

While the selection in the Puzzle department wasn’t huge here, we managed to find a difficult 1000 piece set. This rock formation photo from Utah (!) is a challenging mix of blues and reds—in two and a half hours, we managed to complete the frame of the puzzle and the outline of the cliffs.

It’s important for us to maintain a sense of creation and entertainment in the form of keeping the mind active. We know that we won’t have the big screen TV for much longer (once we move, we will be a TV-free household), so we don’t want to get attached. But it’s more than that—Puzzle Night (and Art Night once the puzzle is complete!) is a chance to interact in a meaningful collaborative way and relish in the idea that we don’t need electronics to entertain us (all the time). We’re not quite sure how we got away from this type of entertainment back in the U.S. (games, puzzles, books, crosswords), but we’re happy that we’re reintegrating it back into our lives.

We wish you all a happy Puzzle Night.

9/6/2011 05:08:49 am

Oh, I just love the idea of a puzzle night. It's been awhile since I got on your blog and it's fun to read all the neat things you are doing. I was interested in, How much money did you have to give the police for them to leave you alone? That just blows me away how that kind of corruption is in so many countries. We are lucky that way here in the US.
Thursday I am flying to Maine with Mary Ellen to visit her nephew. We got a flight for $80.00 round trip and rented a car for $7.95 a day. ( A special from Hotwire) I just hope when we get up there it isn't a two "seater bicycle"!!! I think of you both each day and hope that you continue to enjoy this part of your adventure!! I really can't wait to see you. Keep the blog going it's so good to know what you are doing. It makes me feel good to hear that you both seem to be settling in very well. Love you bunches and will be calling you soon. Hugs and Kisses, MOM


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