Tim and Ashley at Waste Enterprisers have been busy working on the company website. They've worked really hard, and it shows. There are now three animated videos describing each of their businesses, along with engaging stories and content (who knew human waste could be so interesting?). 

Visit their new and improved website and let Tim know what you think!: www.waste-enterprisers.com

Now, back to work.
11/1/2011 05:11:10 am

Nice site. If your academic partners agree, and if it doesn't give away secrets, it might be a nice addition to post either links or PDF documents to any of their articles, patents, or other public documents describing the planned physical/chemical processes for the biodiesel and industrial fuel production.

Debra Wade
11/1/2011 06:10:17 am

It's interesting to see what you are up to over there. Nice website - not sure I should have been looking at it while I was eating breakfast.

Shannon Winebrenner
11/1/2011 08:14:09 am

Great job on the site, Tim! I look forward to showing it to the kids. Even they will understand it. Thad's Bio teacher from last year would appreciate the work you're doing. Unlike Debra, we won't watch during a meal!

11/1/2011 10:00:28 am

Hi guys,
Good to see you back in the blogging biz. Are you back to work Carole? Or was that Tim? LOL

Tim, the site looks great and I really like the videos. Easy to understand, consistent look and feel and persuasive. Great job!



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