New mosquito net, courtesy of Matt and Martha. Thanks guys!
Today, we were finally able to move out of Tim's boss' house into our own humble abode close to Tim's office. Ashley and her boyfriend, Matt, were gracious to put us up for three weeks, but it was nice to be able to give them their space back.

We moved into an "obruni" guesthouse (Twi word for either "foreigner" or "white person," not sure which yet, but we're definitely one of them!) and will be there for the next three weeks. It's a clean little room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. We have discovered a patio overlooking the street which seems to be only for us. Once Tim gets healthy (he's been down with strep throat), we will break open a bottle of wine or beer and take in the scenery over happy hour (or maybe over Starbucks Via, which Matt and Martha also kindly sent over--love!).

Sidenote: "coffee" in Ghana = "Nescafe." For those of you who haven't tried Nescafe, it's an instant concoction meant to resemble coffee, but having moved from Seattle where the coffee culture is so rich, it has been a huge disappointment. We are desperate for coffee, and we've heard that Starbucks Via is a good option. I think a small shipment of Via via Matt and Martha came in today. We'll let you know the results!

On July 15th, we'll begin house-sitting for a couple who are moving back to the U.S. to have their baby. We'll have the newly remodled apartment (with all new Ikea furniture) for five months. We're very very excited to have a beautiful, clean apartment to ourselves. July 15th will be a great day. :)

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