Finding housing in a new destination, especially a developing one, can be challenging. We stayed with Tim's business partner and her boyfriend for three weeks. Then we stayed at a "guesthouse" (while it was more private than living with two other people, it was gritty). But now, thanks to connections, we have a house-sitting gig for a couple who went back to the U.S. to have their baby.
View (of a palm tree) from our dining room window.
The apartment has been completely upgraded with all new floors, paint, appliances, and brand new Ikea furniture (the husband is Swedish). We even have a flat-screen tv, an Xbox, and a Blu-Ray player. Yes. Welcome to our Palace in Ghana.
Street view of Accra.
Of course, moving from place to place always has its downsides.

Today, for example, when we were unpacking the items that we didn't bring to the guesthouse (space was limited, so we left "unnecessary" items at Tim's business partner's house), we discovered this...
No, that's not the sun's reflection on our shoes; it's mold!
... mold. On our leather shoes. They had been packed and stored in a heavy duffel bag for three weeks. Two of our suitcases are covered in mold, too. Welcome to the land of humidity. Having never experienced this phenomenon before, it took us a few seconds to realize it wasn't dust or lint!

Something else that we're experiencing are cockroaches. Not (always) alive ones (although we've seen two so far). No, dead ones. Before the owners left for the U.S., they had the apartment fumigated to kill the insects (or at least try!). So, every day we find a new cockroach, but usually dead... on its back.
Though they still make our skin crawl while dead, it's better than the cockroaches being alive!
Don't get us wrong. We're not complaining. Just sharing with you the ins and outs of living in Ghana. 

For now, we are learning how to clean mold on shoes and breaking ground on a cockroach graveyard. We really do adore our new Ghanaian luxury living and are so excited that for the new five months, we have a great place to call "home."
7/22/2011 07:22:26 am

Eeeewwwww...creepy even dead. CO girls weren't made for humid, moldy, roachie worlds! LOL Those are 3 of the top reasons I've vowed to never live anywhere else! You two however are much more adventurous.

The new place looks lovely and I'm sure it feels positively awesome to have a place to stay for 5 consecutive months.

Carole, you inspired me to actually read a book in the last week! I too have gotten away from reading in favor of other techno distractions but it was quite fun to read a book. I have a new eReader too so that got me excited for a book recently so 2 books in 2011. Watch out!

Think about you lots! Not too much longer and Teresa will be there.


7/22/2011 01:13:33 pm

Hahaha... I love the Dala horse on the dining room table! (Don't so much love the mold. Or the roaches.) Flat screen and Xbox? Dude, those are luxuries I've never even had in the States, and I certainly wouldn't have expected them in Accra. That's crazy talk!

I also love the title of this entry. Are you on the East Side? I mean, you've got the deluxe apartment in the sky... :)

7/23/2011 09:35:50 pm

Peggy--So excited that I inspired you to read a book! Your comment has actually inspired me to read another book today! I think I'm off with a cup of coffee to sit in the comfy Ikea sofa and read. How do you like the eReader?

Min--Yah. Xbox. Turns out I'm TERRIBLE at playing video games (could be because we lacked them growing up so I have no practice?). I did beat the Kung Fu Panda game, but have been abysmal at Tomb Raider. It actually stresses me out. So I've stopped for now. But the Blu-Ray + Planet Earth for Blu-Ray is stunning and we've gotten somewhat addicted. You'll see when you come over. :)


I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.


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