Birthday dinner on the beach of Accra.
According to tradition (and a Google search), these are customary ways that Ghanaians celebrate birthdays:
  • Eat fried plantains and stew;
  • Children play a game known as “ampe” (we’re not sure what that involves);
  • Cleansing of the inner soul somehow;
  • Bathe using a special leaf soaked in water overnight;
  • Wear clothes with a white background.
For Carole’s birthday, she fortuitously wore a shirt with white background… but skipped the rest (cleansing of the inner soul might have been a good idea, though!).

We did take a trip to the beach in Accra (further afield from the human waste dumping grounds) to enjoy a birthday sunset dinner of grilled tilapia and local beer. It was a relaxing way to spend a birthday in a new country.

Bon anniversaire, Carole!

Bouquet of tropical flowers.
Happy Birthday developing world cake!
7/15/2011 02:29:29 am

That cake looks delicious. Where in Ghana does one get an American/European style cake like that?

Hope your birthday was fantastic. We celebrated on your behalf back home. Said happy birthday on Live @ Lunch. Went to listen to April Verch with Norm and Cynthia. It was good, but would have been supremely better with you there in more than just spirit.

Love you. Happy 28th.

7/19/2011 02:29:08 am

Thanks, Min! It looked better than it tasted, but the thought was lovely. :)

Missed the April Verch shout-out! I'm sure it was a fun show. Did you get to interact on the show?



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