Juicy; I never understood this word until I moved to Ghana. Now, everyday between 1 and 2pm, I receive an education about what this word means. Ripe, delicious mango, flush with flavor and refreshment, delivered to our doorstep by an always chipper and non-English speaking woman named Alambra. Alambra climbs our staircase everyday with a platter of mangos resting on her head. For the equivalent of $ 1.00, she dices a mango in less than a minute – the best mango I’ve ever tasted. This small treat in the middle of my work day is possible because in Ghana, the people are entrepreneurial, labor is cheap and the fruit is spectacular.

I once listened to an author read an excerpt from a book about her childhood in India. Her passionate and painstaking description of the joy of eating mango always stuck with me because it seemed so excessive and fantastic. Now that story resonates with me because it seems so realistic and truthful.

Finding advantages to living in Ghana delights me. These daily mangos, as sure as they leave my face covered in sticky sweet nectar and a big goofy grin, are one of Ghana’s great advantages.


8/26/2011 04:29:42 am

A favourite passage from C.S. Lewis describes a particular fruit as "orgiastic." Sounds like you're almost there with the mangoes.


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