Is this a photo of a romantic candle-lit night, playing card games in the dark as we pretend to "rough it" at 7pm on a Saturday night?
Candle-lit spy games make the game's premise feel so real.

This is the result of Carole and Tim scrounging around for candles, finding our (wisely purchased) headlamp, and discovering our landlord's secret nerdy games in a drawer and playing cards, because...

we had no electricity.

That's right. From 2pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday, we had no electricity. Almost 24 hours. But this isn't necessarily unique. A week before, we came back to our house to discover no electricity, and it was off for 20 hours.

Sounds fun?

Sometimes. Because of the way the built the plumbing here, though, we rely on a small tank above our roof to bring us running water. When the tank empties, which is quite frequently, we need electricity to pump up more water so that we can take a shower, wash dishes, flush the toilets. During our first long power outage, we ran out of water. No electricity, no running water. Sounds doable, but after 12 hours, you realize exactly how much you rely on these utilities. 

One truly learns how to be grateful for the little things here.
9/20/2011 02:41:54 am

But, I mean, you did end up playing the spy games... right?

9/21/2011 01:47:04 am

It was 4-6 people. :( We played the Fluxx Monty Python edition, though!

9/26/2011 04:08:11 am

There's a MONTY PYTHON edition of Fluxx?! What kind of cards did they have? Man-eating rabbits??? Black knights??


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