We’ve now lived in Accra for a little more than three months! Time in Ghana feels like it’s whizzing by at light speed some days; other days, time stands still. While many daily occurrences still don’t feel “normal” to us, each little event is less new and more expected as time goes on. When we walk by countless open sewers, for example, on the way to Tim’s office, we’re less fazed by the sight and smell than we were when we first arrived. When we see numerous goats and chickens walking in the streets of Ghana’s capitol city, we’re less amused than on Day 1. “Culture shock” is, well, less shocking now.

Which brings us to the question of this post. Our American-centric lenses have changed now and we’re not necessarily addressing the “oh-my-gosh-look-at-that” things anymore.

Help us. Anything you want us to write about? Anything in particular that, when you think of Africa, of West Africa, of Ghana, comes to your mind and we haven’t addressed it yet? Let us know.  We want to keep your questions answered.

Meda ‘ase!

Carole & Tim
John Harris
9/5/2011 02:56:12 am

how is the day structured re meals--dinner at 3pm or midnight or 6pm, etc. Lunch time siesta kinda of thing or what?

What do you make of the gender roles?


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