Welcome to our next two years.
"Waste Enterprisers Welcomes Tim Wade!" Tim and WE CEO, Ashley Murray.
On June 1, we landed in Accra, Ghana. After impossibly long lines through customs, we were welcomed by Waste Enterprisers' CEO, Ashley Murray and her boyfriend, Matt. 

Day 1 in Ghana, we were taken on a tour of Accra via trotro (shared mini-bus) and taxies to see some of the major functional landmarks (cell phone store, post office, Tim's new office). We were also introduced to the dire sanitation problem in Accra firsthand--we will never forget watching trucks dump human waste straight into the ocean (the smell was unforgettable, too!).

Day 2, Tim went straight to work as COO, getting an overview of the new company.

Today, we found our first *working* internet cafe, and we'll be looking at a potential house to live in later. 

We're trying to beat the heat, stay out of the hot African sun, meet locals and expats and learn all we can about our new home.

Cattle on our walk to the beach.
6/5/2011 11:12:55 pm

I need to know when you have internet on a regular, or at least a scheduled, basis. I'm going through SERIOUS C&T withdraw.

Your condo still looks nice, btw. You were the best non-present hosts ever. ILY!

6/5/2011 11:14:48 pm

P.S. I really like the picture of the cows. I hope to take a picture similar to it with camels at some point.

6/6/2011 02:33:50 am

Things look like they are moving on pretty quickly. The beach looks marvelous BUT if they are dumping waste in it are you sable to ever bath there?

Keep me posted as to when you get a place.I love getting info from you....everyone keeps asking have you heard from Tim and Carole?
It was a beautiful week end here in MD. Aunt I and her kids were here for a picnic,which we sat around and had some good laughs. Always good for the soul to laugh. Take care my loves, XO Mom

Bud Reinsma
6/7/2011 03:15:23 am

Looking forward to talking faecal sludge, pyrolysis, and BOD load with you on Skype some time. Good luck with the continuing adventure!

6/8/2011 05:17:22 pm

You guys always seem to jump in head first. Except I doubt you'll be doing that in the ocean.

SO good to hear from you. I miss the bejsus out of you two.

6/14/2011 11:53:49 am

You guys are having so much fun!!!


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