A week ago, we had Tim's college friend, John, in for a visit. While we failed in making an adventure happen in Ghana's Volta region and the pretty town of Cape Coast (stories involving breaking down Land Rovers and bad stomach bugs), we had a lovely time playing cards and watching loads of Kenyan bootlegged movies in our air-conditioned apartment.

John, being a very sensitive and wise person, knew that Tim and I had had trouble finding great quality coffee in Ghana. (They do grow coffee here, but the low elevation means that they can only grow robusto--the coffee bean used in such brands as Folgers. Coming from Seattle, with a vibrant coffee culture, we needed something a bit more robust than robusto.) 

So John brought us bags and bags of Kenyan coffee (being that he was en route from Kenya back home to the U.S.). It's been the best coffee we've had since being in Ghana. We've been trying to go through the bags slowly, but having good coffee is too exciting not to make two pots at a time!
A big "thank you," John, for providing great-tasting caffeine when we wake up in the mornings!

Linda Wade
11/13/2011 11:51:41 pm

So fun to read your blog. It keeps me knowing some of the fun things...and not so fun things you are doing. Glad you had a good visit with John and so happy you have some good coffee.

Just read the website from Tim's job ...very impressive!

Love you guys, please keep in touch. Miss you bunches. MOM

11/14/2011 04:48:57 am

Jealous! The coffee here is awful- it's all instant. I've been drinking so little of it that when I go home to my delicious whole beans and coffee maker, I'll probably be completely buzzed after one cup. Glad you got some good java.


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