Being in Ghana makes it difficult for us to keep up on Western news, politics, world affairs, trends, music, art, comedy, new TV shows, food, drinks. While we do have an internet connection, access to radio, and a 24-hour news cycle if we go to the Irish bar (which, coincidentally, plays the three same "news" pieces over and over and over again), it's not the same as being "home," seeing and experiencing the trends firsthand.

Don't get us wrong. We enjoy the removal at times, experiencing a new culture. But, we also don't want to be out-of-touch when we do make it back to Europe or the U.S. And Carole needs new bands to listen to. 

So.... go on. Tell us what's happening where you are. What's the big new thing? Are the elections driving you mad? Is a new pop singer all the rage? Cool new indie bands? A good new microbrew? A new flavor of chewing gum? Did a new KFC open across the street from you? A new designer that's turning heads in Milan? A new line of yoga clothes? Digging Google+? What are you excited about?

From West Africa,
8/17/2011 04:32:12 am

I'm trying to date my personal trainer!

8/24/2011 02:53:08 am

I bet (and hope) she's ripped! How's it going?


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