Crying wolf? Hopefully. Don’t worry, no malaria in Tim and Carole (yet!). We’re taking our anti-malarials and doing just fine, if not a bit sensitive to the sun (doxycycline does that to you).

Having had malaria seems to be a common trait with a number of the expats, though (and we’re sure Ghanaians as well). Some expats had taken themselves off their anti-malarials, arguing that they didn’t want to be on medication for years (some medications come with other major side effects like liver damage or hallucination). Others have been taking their prescriptions and got malaria anyway.

Some expats describe the symptoms as having a strong fever followed by a frigid chill, and feeling sucked of energy. Once they see a physician and get the quick-acting medicine, though, they say it clears up right away. That’s the story.

It almost seems like a malaria badge of honor among the expats (at least the men!)—they survived the killer mosquitoes. We will never nominate ourselves for that badge, but it has been interesting to get the “insider’s take” on medication and malaria. 

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