Birthday weekend on the Busua beach
Thanks to Ghana’s Republic Day last Friday, July 1st, we had a three-day weekend. A few Brits from the High Commission and DFID (the British equivalent of USAID) invited us with them on a getaway. While the drive was a bit iffy (the last 8km was on a dirt road with mega potholes and small streams—thank goodness for the Land Rover we rode in!), we had a lovely relaxing weekend on a beautiful beach. It was great to be able to take advantage of living on the coast, being able to put out feet in the ocean, free from plastic bags and human waste (we hope!).  The eco-lodge we stayed at was empty, and we had the beach to ourselves. Food at the hotel’s restaurants included fresh-caught lobster (while much more spiny than Maine lobster, it was delicious and a birthday weekend treat!) and prawn, avocado and papaya salad. Yummy.

Cheers to chartreuse!
Note: At the eco-lodge, we noticed that our bed net was actually from UNICEF. We didn’t know that UNICEF was in the business of making bed nets for tourist destinations. 
This bed net might have gotten delivered to the wrong location...
8/16/2011 09:22:05 am

This is my first visit to your blog very nice. I will try to get some more of it read when I have a chance. What Eco-Lodge did you stay at, what was you impression of the place? Did you consider it Eco?


8/16/2011 08:32:19 pm

It's called Safari Beach Lodge. It was quite nice actually. The most eco thing about it was that they had compost toilets, but the rooms were lovely ($50/night for a luxury beach hut) and the food was delicious. Their beach was actually clean, which we didn't think was a big deal until we started walking down the beach towards Green Turtle, another "eco" joint with a huge trash problem!


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