An article came out today in GOOD Magazine about the work of Waste Enterprisers in Ghana, and we think it’s pretty cool.

Here’s a short excerpt featuring our beloved Tim:

‘Waste Enterprisers COO Timothy Wade, who holds an MBA with a focus on social enterprise, has calculated that the projects they can make an “attractive profit” and then add carbon credits to that. “Then you have a pretty attractive business model,” Wade says. “And you’re getting rid of, literally, all of the shit.”’

Enjoy the full article here:
12/1/2011 05:57:12 am

I'm going to be honest. I knew you moved to Ghana and I knew that Tim's job there was with a non-profit, but I didn't realize exactly what sort of work it was. This is AWESOME! So cool! I say this hoping that I won't too 40-something soccer coach: keep up the good work! I'm sharing this with some people I know would be glad to learn about Waste Enterprisers.

Peter Sheesley
12/6/2011 06:55:01 am

Great article. Congrats!


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