Vodka and pineapple, preparing to be separated.
10 days ago, I did a little experiment. Using fresh Ghanaian pineapple, I infused vodka made out of Washington state apples. 

After more than a week of sitting, I have the results:

Soft Tail vodka (from Woodinville, WA) is probably the smoothest vodka we’ve ever tasted. No alcoholic edge, no burning in the back of your throat. So I started with something very high quality to begin with. When the pineapple was soaked for 10 days, though, the results were even more amazing that I could have hoped for. Taking off the lid of the infusion container, I got a blast of fragrant natural pineapple.  The taste is equally as fruity as the smell.

Sifting out the sediment.
Poured over coconut water ice cubes, this pineapple vodka is perfect for a hot, muggy, tropical day. And that’s how we enjoyed it on our patio. Cheers!
Pure pineapple-infused vodka on the left. Vodka-soaked pineapple on the right. Notice the color changes for both vodka and pineapple!

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