It's been more than a year since we last posted. Sincerest apologies. Things have changed. We've changed. The whole world has changed. On and on.

Big highlights of the past year:
1. Ghana held presidential elections in December 2012. While the opposition party stated that the elections weren't fair and are taking the Election Commission to court, things have been extremely peaceful. We're lucky to be in an African country where parties and supporters can disagree but no one gets hurt.

2. Tim won the BMW Young Leaders' Award 2013 for his work with Waste Enterprisers and will be attending an awards ceremony in Germany this spring.

3. Carole started a new blog about markets worldwide (still playing with names - 'To Market, To Market'; '2market'; 'm2rket'; what do you think it should be, reader?). It's about inspiration from different markets worldwide, from farmer's markets to flea markets to street markets. This blog is updated much more frequently than 'Ghana Get Malaria' and is much more visually appealing - promise!

4. We keep missing cold weather back home and are sad by every picture of snow that we see. But we're growing accustomed to the hot and humid air - it's a perfect place to practice Bikram yoga.

What are your updates?

Tim + Carole
This past weekend, Tim and Carole flew to Kumasi, Ghana's "second city," for Tim's job at Waste Enterprisers (6+ hours outside of Accra by bus, 35 minutes by plane). The weekend was full of waste sites, African markets and relaxation by the Bosumtwi Lake. This was our third time outside of Accra and, as always, a great opportunity to see a new part of the country and get some much-needed city-free time. 

From waste management site, to market, to R&R at the lake, we had a *unique* and splendid time. (One piece of advice: Don't stand downwind from the waste trucks unless you don't want to eat for days!)

Enjoy the photos!
Don't worry, Tim. Police poop smells like roses.
Tim and his new friend in the tux jacket, collecting samples at the waste site.
Ketejia Market in Kumasi on a Saturday morning.
Carole wandering the alleys of the market, early in the morning.
Selling sheep off the top of the bus at Ketejia Market in Kumasi.
Lake Point Guesthouse, at Lake Bosumtwi, an hour outside of Kumasi.