This post is written from my NEW and legally imported Mac! I've never had so little fun opening a new computer box (it should be exciting, but it was rather a reminder that the old one was stolen). That said, it's GREAT being able to type quickly again (the iPad was driving my WPM to probably 10), lovely to review emails in an easier fashion, and of course, fantastic to get on to our blog again. While I would have preferred to get a new computer because I had finally made the decision to upgrade, it's great to have nonetheless.

Happy to be back to GhanaGetMalaria (sans malaria!).

Happy Friday.

We saw this sign while on weekend vacation in Ada Foah a few weeks ago. We're always entertained by incorrect English (especially when English is the official language!).

... plus, Tim is now in the sanitation business, so anything toilet-related seems funnier these days.

Keep those toilets flashing.

For the past three consecutive weekends, we've been without power for at least 24 hours (last weekend, we had 10 hours of electricity). It makes things like hosting dinners or watching weekend flicks at the house quite difficult (speaking of weekend flicks, we are reminded to download the new Parks and Rec episode!). Ice in the fridge melts. Perishable food goes bad without a cold fridge. Coffee beans can't be ground. TVs most certainly can't be watched.

So we've looked for electricity-free entertainment. In addition to puzzles and card games, we've invested in Scrabble. Having never really been word game aficionados, we've come to really enjoy the game, now searching the dictionary in between games for words that begin with "Q" or end in "J."

We've discovered that lots of expats in Ghana enjoy word games like Scrabble or Bananagrams, each for their own reason, but perhaps the interest draws from lack of electricity and the need to entertain oneself.
Carole's actual set of letters.
We're thinking of starting a game night here. Prepared with candles, canned foods to feed friends, and a good attitude, we can play with or without electricity.
Red wine is perfect for a powerless night. No chilling needed.
What's your favorite Scrabble word? Ours is "Qi." (Chinese, literally: energy (from
In our last post, we mentioned that we were robbed. At night.
Here is our night guard on duty. Don't worry. When he wakes up, that slingshot, combined with his mad ninja skills, means that... we better be securely locking our windows every night!
Last week, on Wednesday night, Carole and Tim were robbed.

Having just woken up Thursday morning, Carole passed by the guest bedroom and noticed the window open. This seemed quite unusual, since the window screens were always shut. Upon further inspection, muddy prints were found in the room, and they let out into the living room.

After a few seconds of taking in the discovery, Tim said, "I think we have a rabid animal in our house." Could it be... a raccoon? A badger? What animal managed to climb up the side of the building to our second story apartment in Ghana?

We panicked, wondering if we would get rabies whenever this fearsome creature would decide to show it’s ugly head.

Then, Tim noticed something. Carole’s laptop wasn’t on its power cord, where it had been left the night before. Other items were missing, too.

This “rabid animal” was indeed an animal, but of the human variety.

We had been robbed.

... in other news, today is our four month anniversary in Ghana. And our five month wedding anniversary.

Happy Saturday, readers.