Keeping connected with friends and family is sometimes hard to do when you’re living abroad: mail isn’t fast, internet connections prove difficult, and phone calls are expensive.

One unique way that we’ve been able to keep a sense of community back home, though, is by tuning into “Runaway Fiddle” on KRFC 88.9FM in Fort Collins, CO  (live stream at Carole was a DJ on the show for three years with co-host, Norm Cook. Hosting a fiddle show at 6am is a bonding experience, and Norm has become an adopted family member. It was difficult to leave the show in 2010 when Carole and Tim moved to Seattle, but Carole knew the show would be in good hands with sister, Teresa, at the co-hosting helm.
"Runaway Fiddle" radio show on KRFC 88.9FM.
Now that we’ve moved to Ghana, the “Runaway Fiddle family” is still able to keep in touch when Tim and Carole tune in the show every Wednesday (6am MST, 12pm Ghana Maybe Time). Today, as is the case every Wednesday, we received a live radio “shout out” from Fort Collins—“Hello to Carole and Tim in Accra, Ghana.” 

We hear that you’re keeping up with our blog, Norm and Teresa, and we thank you! Thanks, also, for the birthday and prosperity wishes! You can never go wrong with Bob Wills.

Sending a “shout out” to all our readers.  May we all keep in touch, no matter what the communication method (smoke signals still work).
KRFCM 88.9FM, a community radio station in Fort Collins, CO.
7/15/2011 02:31:08 am

Hope you had a happy bday Carole.......did you hear live@lunch? we had a great time with April and a good concert last nite!

Lots of Love........enjoy that bird of paradises! they probably grow wild in Ghana! Enjoy the blog very much!!


7/18/2011 04:16:57 am

Wish I had heard L@L, Norm! Missed it. We were off on my birthday adventure. Saw the pictures from Cindy, though. Looked like a great time.

Birds of paradise do grow wild here! Very pretty, although they seem to all be yellow (they had more colors to them in South Africa). The benefits of living in the tropics, I guess. :)

Thanks for the comment, Norm!


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